Yep, I'm FT Harding. I've been a creative all of my life and thus have been cursed. Meaning I want to make thousands of things, have thousands of ideas, and only one lifetime to do it in. Aside from that, I like to pay my bills and stay home under my rock, cause people out here are crazy. If I'm not puffing cigars and drinking cognac, I'm probably playing video games and paying too much for streaming. I like soul music and funk bands whenever I put some smoke in the air. And I love a good boil of crawfish, neckbones, and sausage. Oh yeah, deep south Louisiana born and raised. 
I decided to write a book to put my extensive nerd knowledge and crafty wordsmithing to use. Dark Fantasy is my jam, and I aim to add the Afro element to it. My plan is to craft stories with the perspective of the Black American experience without the restraints and tiring politics of our era. That means original fiction, original ideas, with new takes on classic troupes in homage to the greats before me. I want to write fiction the way I think it should be written; with unique plots that entertain and offer nuance. And look good doing it.
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